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Pet Products

Pet Bandanas are the main product sewn by Bandana Babe. There are plans to provide reversible harnesses in 2017

Pet Bandanas are "sewinjeanius"!

The design of the  Pet Bandanas you see on the following pages were brought to me by some long-time friends saying, "Karen, you can do these. They'd be great!" Well, when alterations don't come through the door in the long northwest winters, I set to trying it out. First, I sent them a few, and just kept going...with impovements along the way, of course...

Nothing to it....The Collar Runs Through It!

This uniquely designed pet bandana is fun and playful! It is reversible, often made from recycled fabrics, stabilized, lightly padded, double-stitched at the neckline channel, where the collar slips through. It can be worn in front, side, or back. In most cases, the reverse side of the bandana is made of recycled denim or pants fabric. For sports and seasonal bandanas, the backing is usually new, unless denim is requested. IT IS BUILT TO LAST!

New Additions Always..

When people make requests, I try to incorporate them into the product line. Recent additions include COOL BANDANAS, CAMOUFLAGE WITH FLORESCENT ORANGE BACK, more special interest themes as time goes on!

Sizing is easy...

This pet bandana only needs to go 3/4 way around the collar length, so there is a slight gap to allow for comfort and leash attachment. Channel depth may vary in size and depending on the item. Keep in mind that most collars can be extended up to 10" or more.

Our sizes correspond with standard collar sizes:

X Small:  8.75" finished neck, works with 9" to 14" collar length, and 3/8" collar depth 

Small: 10" finished neck, works with 14" to 20" collar length, and 3/8" to 5/8" collar depth

Medium: 14" finished neck, works with 16" to 26" collar length, and 3/4" to 1" collar depth

Large: 17" to 18" finished neck, works with 20" to 30" collar length, and 1" to 1 1/2" collar depth 

X Large - Custom - generally 22" to 24" finished neck, works for all large dogs to whatever dimensions you want