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Taking Pet Measurements

This variation of Bandana Babe Pet Bandanas uses the collar as it's foundation, and the collar runs through a channel at the pet's neckline. (No, it's not underwear, or a visor, or even a hat, as commented by some passers-by at craft fairs)
As we say at Bandana Babe, "Nothin' to it, The Collar Runs Through It"! 
Measure "D" the total inches round the neck. This Pet Bandana only needs to go a little over 3/4 of the way around the neck, to allow for the leash attachment and comfort. Store-bought collars have up to a 10" extension, so consider that as well.
Also, refer to our "Common Neck Sizes" page.
The pet bandana can roam free on the collar, as we do with our Mascot and Model, Opie. The advantage is catching cute pictures with it on the side, or anywhere at anytime!
The pet bandana can remain stationary in relation to the pet collar. This is done by cutting a small hole in the middle neck of the bandana, so that the leash attachment can pull through. Because this feature is not necessarily desirable for all customers, affecting the look, we do not sew a buttonhole here at this time.