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Specialty - Embroidered Collection

Specialty - Embroidered Collection: 

Bandanas are constructed of recycled or new cotton fabric for the more decorative front side. The bandana back side is backed with a solid recycled or new colored fabric. Bandana Babe offers 13 color options for the reverse side of the the bandana print, and strives to make it "coordinate" with the front pet bandana fabric.

Typically the heavier denim/other fabric used in the past results in too much bulkiness, so we now opt for a medium weight fabric. If you need a heavier weight (winter), or lighter weight (summer), we can adjust the fabric weight, or change/eliminate batting used in the construction "sandwich" process. Recycled is generally the mode of choice for most bandanas. Sports and seasonal prints are the exception, and are more often new on both sides.

 If you have a specific need, please email at karen@sewinjeanius.com, or call 509-979-9088 to discuss.