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Cool Gel Insert Collection

"Cool"  Gel Insert Collection of Pet Bandanas: 

These Cool Bandanas are constructed of recycled or new cotton fabric for the more decorative front side. The bandana back side is backed with a solid recycled or new colored fabric. Bandana Babe offers 13 color options for the reverse side of the the bandana print, and strives to make it "coordinate" with the front pet bandana fabric.

The "Cool" Gel Bandanas are made in the same design, but constructed and sewn differently, so that the cool gel beads stay evenly within the sewn bandana. A facing is added, then the 4 quadrants are stitched, to hold the gel beads in place. Elastic is used to make the pet bandana more comfortable - Rather than a tight clasp, it is slipped over the pet's head to neck, to make it more comfortable

Bandana Babe uses the highest quality super absorbing water crystals. They are a medium size polymer which is safe and non-toxic, and work on the principal of evaporative cooling. When the polymer is hydrated (exposed to water), the fabric surface of the Cool Pet Bandana draws the moisture from the polymer to the fabric surface, which evaporates resulting in an effective body cooler.   

Cool Gel Insert Bandanas are priced slightly higher due to the cost of gel beads, and particularly additional work needed on this type bandana.

Typically the a light to medium weight fabric is used for the reverse side of the bandana. Recycled is generally the mode of choice for most bandanas.

If there are any questions, please email at karen@sewinjeanius.com, or call 509-979-9088 to discuss.